About Sola Winery


In 2008, I started making wine based on the belief that I could create a quality wine at an affordable price. Born and raised in Northern California I have always been surrounded by some of the top wines being produced in the world, but it often came with an unaffordable price tag.  I decided to change this notion and created Sola with the help of Greg Buonocore, my business partner and closest friend.

With the help of our UC Davis viticulture winemakers, family and friends; we are able to deliver the best values in vintage California, sub appellation and West Coast wines in the industry.  We create high quality award winning wines that you can pour at the end of the day or bring to a family gathering without hurting your wallet.  You can now find Sola Wines in 40+ states nationwide, overseas and growing upwards of  35%  yr/yr.

Sola Winery is family owned and operated from the ground up.  Each glass you pour comes from our friends and family to yours!

— Tim Halikas, Founder